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Episode #8: shine theory in zagreb: pizza for four with artists Emma campbell and siobhan clancy!

Sheela na gig 2.jpeg

<---- Meet Sheela. Sheela na Gig, that is. Siobhán gives a hearty feminist shout out to Sheela's endurance through the patriarchal ages and to what we can do with the power of our "gig." We give OUR enthusiastic feminist shoutout this week to Emma and Siobhán's art and friendship! For example, Emma's website showcases some of her insightful photography and other recent projects - I'm partial to "An Appropriate Hobby," and this film. Siobhán is co-founder of the excellent blog home|work collective, and produced this radio program on abortion access in Northern Ireland. They are both deeply involved in the current abortion referendum struggle in Ireland. A concise historical overview of the situation is here for your educational perusal - and don't forget to support the campaign with donations and hashtags #Repealthe8th and #Together4Yes! 









Episode #7: Getting schooled in sxonomics: Opinionated Women Vs. Patriarchy


Raise your glass to this week’s episode! Follow SXonomics’ Facebook page for all the latest on their live shows, and to see videos of their past performances of pieces including Chaar Log, Shaadi ka Laddu, and many more!

  • Ishmeet recommends the short story “Cat Person.” I loved how Ishmeet describes her reaction: that this story was “triggering” for her, but that some triggers actually trigger you into new realizations and even healing. Couldn’t agree more. If you missed this viral New Yorker story the first time around, check it out here.
  • Both of Ramya’s recommendations are a commentary on how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go, when it comes to talking openly about sex, consent, and women’s bodies. She reflects on revisiting the Monica Lewinsky case in the limelight of the #MeToo movement. I, too, am old enough to remember the immense energy spent on scandalizing the affair between her and then-President Bill Clinton. In fact, it is one of my keenest early memories of politics, and in many ways a harbinger of the trajectory of American politics since then. And yet, #MeToo has encouraged a fresh, more hopeful (?) exegesis on this period, including in this article by Lewinsky herself.

Secondly, Ramya gives props to the recently-released film Padman. Despite its flaws, she thinks it essential that we celebrate that there is a mainstream Indian film focusing on menstruation. Even a few short years ago, you wouldn’t have had multiple generations watching such a film together and reacting to it positively, and this is an awesome step toward more conversation.

Love and happy listening! 



Episode #6: Have we got a story for you! Rj and Ethical abortion storytelling 

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

There's a lot of homework with this episode but we think you're up to the challenge! 

  • Exhale ProVoice has a bunch of handy guides for ethical storysharing.
  • The Sea Change Program created evidence-based studies (our fave kind!) on the effects of abortion storytelling. Find info about the Untold Stories Project here.
  • We Testify's mission is to build the power and leadership of abortion storytellers. Support their work here.
  • We've mentioned Dr. Melissa Madera and her work on The Abortion Diary Podcast before, but it's worth taking another look at her amazing archive if you want to practice your story listening.
  • Abortion storyteller Karen Thurston reminds us that it's difficult to manage what happens to personal abortion stories once they're out in the media, which we also discuss on the episode.
  • Last but not least, a few #VoiceYourAbortion creatives on ethical storysharing designed by our own Jaiti Srivastava. Share widely! 
What is Ethical Abortion Storysharing?.png
Why share your abortion story?.png
Your Abortion Story You Decide.png

Bonus: The RJHH Galentine's Day Special - Feminist Book Club

Image credit: Jaiti Srivastava // @graphics_at_play

Image credit: Jaiti Srivastava // @graphics_at_play

A very happy Galentine's - and Valentine's - Day to our dear listeners! In addition to the bonus episode we dropped this week (go peep it now on the Episodes tab!), we thought we'd send a couple sweet visual treats your way. No heart-shaped box required for these goodies. On that note, does the Nirvana song start automatically playing in anyone else's brain when 'heart-shaped box' comes up? Am I an old for having non-ironic angsty memories about them? 

  • On the episode we review two juicy collections, Joan Didion's essays The White Album and Roxane Gay's Difficult Women.
  • This article on the quirky history of Galentine's Day! Hint: waffles might be an appropriate way to celebrate ;). 
  • We endorse: a series of affirming graphics that our own friend-and-sis-of-the-podcast Jaiti Srivastava created for Love Matters India. These creatives might have been released for VDay, but these are empowering messages you should be sharing with your friends, your partner(s), and yourself all year round. 
  • And: the sixth series of these #MuslimVDay cards by fabulous #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast  co-creator Taz Ahmed. No, they're not just for Muslims! Read here why Taz wanted to create art that serves as a lighthearted counterpoint to Islamophobia and a means of reappropriating female Muslim sexualities. 

We love and are grateful for all of you! If you love us back, or kinda have a crush on us that you're not sure what to do with yet but are curious to see where it goes (we saw that shy giggle 😉 ), please share RJHH with your lovers and your lovers' lovers. 

xoxo K & S 


Episode #4: Pizza for three - an interview with Krishti Aung Leona

  • Surabhi chats with Bangladeshi SRHR youth advocate Krishti Aung Leona in our very first interview! Check out Bangladesh's Assembly of Youth Advocate's Facebook to keep updated on Krishti's work on menstrual regulation and the #MR4All project. 
  • If you're looking for some additional context about the ongoing Rohingya refugee situation, The AtlanticThink Progress and Al Jazeera have it covered. 
  • It's a short episode this week. RJ Happy Hour recommends taking those few extra minutes for self care. Some of our fave podcast hosts, Tracy and Heben from Another Round, dished about their show and self care practices a few months back. Check it out here (and listen for honest conversation on mental health in almost all of their episodes!). 


Episode #3: ReScripting the Abortion Drama

  • The awkward, the judgmental, and the hopeful: in no particular order, we discuss representations of abortion (or lack thereof!) in Kya Kehna, Salaam Namaste, GLOW, Obvious Child, Grandma, Gray's Anatomy, Scandal, Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon, and The Mindy Project among others (here's an idea of why Mindy Kaling didn't want to touch it, but we're not convinced).
  • We LOVE ANSIRH's Abortion Onscreen Database! Drinks on us if anyone starts one of these for Indian media ;). Check out this article and this slideshow for more longitudinal examples of portrayals of abortion in American media. 
  • We love this short film from BuzzFeed Yellow. For once, the focus is on how female friends support each other when one needs an abortion. A familiar, honest story that you almost never see among the usual political bluster and melodrama. 
  • Surabhi wants you to check out The O Project. View, savor, and repeat. 
  • Kristin recommends artist Kruttika Susarla's "36 Days of Feminist Type" project. Simply wonderful and informative take on Indian feminist movement(s). Follow her on Instagram: @kruttika

Episode #2: Raising the GodDamn Bar

Maria Qamar // @hatecopy

Maria Qamar // @hatecopy

  • Our second episode's title is a nod to this brilliant article by Apple Roselle.
  • We highly recommend you grab a copy of Reni Eddo-Lodge's book Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race from your fave independent bookstore. Eddo-Lodge writes from the British context but listeners in other locations will also find her keen observations on race and class relevant. 
  • Kristin recommends the (sadly now discontinued) podcast The Dinner Party Download. Mine their archives for unusual celebrity interviews, on point music and lit recommendations, quirky historical facts, cocktail recipes, and more.
  • We give props, as per usual, to the RJ org SisterSong and its co-founder, the amazing multihyphenate Loretta Ross.
  • Christina Thomas Dhanraj leads us through a cutting analysis of the hypocrisy of the "modern savarna."
  • H&M's questionable taste in billboards in India is unfortunately not their only recent misstep with regard to race.
  • And finally, we give a hearty feminist shoutout to Shivana Jorawar, an abortion storyteller for We Testify, as well as the raunchy, informative, and (dare we say) feminist Netflix series Big MouthPuberty is definitely more fun the second time around, in animated form with some Hormone Monsters (oh yes) to point the way.