Episode 11 - Next Gen Consent: Sexy, Pleasurable, and Uncompromising!

What makes sex consensual AND pleasurable for all involved? Consent is essential - and in our opinion, super sexy - but having affirmative consent isn't enough for 'good' sex. In this week's episode we're probing the gray areas of the politics and practice of giving consent to sex. We explore the conversations we should be having if we want to move beyond just preventing violence to a more comprehensive dialogue on how we can turn our partners and ourselves on ;).

*One disclaimer: we recorded this episode prior to Aziz Ansari’s so-called comeback, which disappointingly does not seem to reflect deep learning about his experience with #MeToo.

Other delicious links from this episode:

-Vintage Rebecca Traister (always relevant) on bad sex.

-The Saathiya Resource Kit makes some inroads on sex ed in India.

-For extra credit, check out Radiolab’s recently released three-part series on consent titled In the “No” and Surabhi’s movie of the week Two Night Stand.

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Yes, I’d love it if you turn me on.

Yes, I’d love it if you turn me on.