Episode 6 - Have We Got a Story for You! RJ and Ethical Storytelling

Some reasons to feel joy this week: Winter is finally fucking over in the U.K. (but not in Wisconsin, sorry guyz). Legal abortion may be within reach in Argentina. Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer! This fashionable goat is setting smashing trends for spring. And a new episode of The RJ Happy Hour Podcast!


It's been a little bit of a hiatus, we know. We are busy ladies werking it and have been all over (Croatia! Mumbai! your dreams!) recording new episodes with some brilliant special guests. We hope you'll find them worth the wait. 

But today, a conversation between just the two of us on ethical abortion storytelling! We center abortion storytelling and story listening because it's something we think about a lot in our advocacy and as a part of #VoiceYourAbortion. This said, the guidelines for ethical storysharing and supporting storytellers we present in this episode apply to a range of subjects that can be tricky to discuss without exploitation and misrepresentation. Head on over to the Happy Hour Specials tab to check out some resources #VoiceYourAbortion designed for navigating this process. 

Oh, and one housekeeping note before you run off to listen! Until recently we have been posting The RJ Happy Hour news and events on the #VoiceYourAbortion Facebook page. You can still reach us there (same team, same eyeballs) but we're hoping to increase traffic on our new dedicated podcast page and it would mean so much if you followed us on that page and shared with others. Thanks 😍, now go find your headphones!