Episode 11 - Next Gen Consent: Sexy, Pleasurable, and Uncompromising!

What makes sex consensual AND pleasurable for all involved? Consent is essential - and in our opinion, super sexy - but having affirmative consent isn't enough for 'good' sex. In this week's episode we're probing the gray areas of the politics and practice of giving consent to sex. We explore the conversations we should be having if we want to move beyond just preventing violence to a more comprehensive dialogue on how we can turn our partners and ourselves on ;).

*One disclaimer: we recorded this episode prior to Aziz Ansari’s so-called comeback, which disappointingly does not seem to reflect deep learning about his experience with #MeToo.

Other delicious links from this episode:

-Vintage Rebecca Traister (always relevant) on bad sex.

-The Saathiya Resource Kit makes some inroads on sex ed in India.

-For extra credit, check out Radiolab’s recently released three-part series on consent titled In the “No” and Surabhi’s movie of the week Two Night Stand.

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Yes, I’d love it if you turn me on.

Yes, I’d love it if you turn me on.

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We're Not In It for the Money, But We Can't Do This Work Without It

What a week! What. A. Week. We're still celebrating the results of Ireland's May 25th referendum (ok, more than a week ago now, but these wins keep us going in dark times!).

This was truly momentous for Ireland, but there's still a lot of work to be done expanding abortion access and rights. Groups like Abortion Rights Campaign continue to need your support for upcoming efforts! If you're curious about what's coming next, Rewire's take has you covered. 

The success in Ireland was largely due to the efforts of grassroots organizations (who have been campaigning for YEARS, mind you, against the 8th Amendment), volunteer canvassers, independent artists and activists who have tirelessly fought to turn the tide toward compassion for pregnant people and recognition of their bodily integrity and freedom. Because that, my dears, is the bottom line.

In a world where cultivating empathy and compassion is this fucking hard, we need to support not just the SRHR NGOs with name recognition and seats at UN tables, but also these makers and thinkers and doers who are making creative incursions against patriarchy in all sorts of ways. 

So now is when we ask you for money - but I'm sure you already knew that from the title! So smart you are. 

The RJ Happy Hour is on the verge of a major opportunity: to do a live recording at Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution III (ARJC) this July at Rhodes University, South Africa! It is beyond cool that they have invited us to perform at this major biennial forum on abortion and reproductive justice. ARJC won't happen again until 2020, so this is our shot to make an impression with a large number of interested attendees, and build our audience and networks so we can make this podcast sustainable. 

We are doing everything we can to gather funds to take advantage of this opening. But as an independent feminist venture with no current sponsorship, we can only knock em' dead with our signature moxie (and well-researched commentary, ahem) if you support our journey!

Every cent we've received in sponsorship since launching The RJ Happy Hour has been directly invested in the podcast, so you can be assured your donation goes exactly to the budget items outlined. Take a peek at our Go Fund Me page here. 

We know it's not always possible to give cash, but sharing the campaign widely on your socials and in person is another amazing way to help us out. You are all stars for sticking with us as we propel this work forward, and we are so grateful for your support in any form. Many thanks from the bottom of our feisty feminist hearts to those who have already trusted us with their cash and their endorsement of our work. 

In love and solidarity, 

K & S xoxo

Episode 7 - Getting Schooled in SXonomics: Opinionated Women vs. Patriarchy

You're so cute, sitting at your computer thinking today was going to be an ordinary, Ho-Hum Hump Day™. 

Instead, let us distract you from those Buzzfeed quizzes - er, spreadsheets - for a new episode of The RJ Happy Hour Podcast! Today's premium selection is an interview with the dynamic feminist performance duo SXonomics, a.k.a. Ramya Pandyan (alter ego Idea Smith) and Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal, for our first live International Women's Day special last month at Helm of Eight in Mumbai. 

Veterans of Mumbai's spoken word scene, these multihyphenates confront patriarchy head on with a clever masala of satire, taking cues from Bollywood songs, advertising, and the endless inspiration of everyday sexism. What really comes through in this interview is not just their wit but their warmth. SXonomics is Shine Theory IRL. Their celebration of each other's work and the clear love they have for collaborating is #RelationshipGoals for us at RJ Happy Hour.  

Stay tuned to the end for a special performance of one of their newest pieces! 


Episode 6 - Have We Got a Story for You! RJ and Ethical Storytelling

Some reasons to feel joy this week: Winter is finally fucking over in the U.K. (but not in Wisconsin, sorry guyz). Legal abortion may be within reach in Argentina. Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer! This fashionable goat is setting smashing trends for spring. And a new episode of The RJ Happy Hour Podcast!


It's been a little bit of a hiatus, we know. We are busy ladies werking it and have been all over (Croatia! Mumbai! your dreams!) recording new episodes with some brilliant special guests. We hope you'll find them worth the wait. 

But today, a conversation between just the two of us on ethical abortion storytelling! We center abortion storytelling and story listening because it's something we think about a lot in our advocacy and as a part of #VoiceYourAbortion. This said, the guidelines for ethical storysharing and supporting storytellers we present in this episode apply to a range of subjects that can be tricky to discuss without exploitation and misrepresentation. Head on over to the Happy Hour Specials tab to check out some resources #VoiceYourAbortion designed for navigating this process. 

Oh, and one housekeeping note before you run off to listen! Until recently we have been posting The RJ Happy Hour news and events on the #VoiceYourAbortion Facebook page. You can still reach us there (same team, same eyeballs) but we're hoping to increase traffic on our new dedicated podcast page and it would mean so much if you followed us on that page and shared with others. Thanks 😍, now go find your headphones! 


Episode 4 - Pizza for Three With Krishti Aung Leona

Ready for a Hump Day threesome with your fave feminist hosts?! We respect your choice no matter what. 

BUT if you're into it, our coterie expands by one this week to include our very first guest interviewee! RJ youth activist Krishti Aung Leona speaks to us about her exciting work with the #MR4All project with her own indigenous Rakhine community, as well with as the Rohingya community, in Bangladesh. 

We're stoked to inaugurate what we plan to be a recurring segment showcasing the work and talents of other fabulous intersectional feminists. If this sounds like you and you want to offer yourself - or a friend - on the altar of our probing questions, give us a shout at hello@rjhappyhour.com. 


Episode 2 - Raising the Bar

Good day dear podfam! 

In Episode #2 we begin a conversation on race, caste, and feminism. We say "begin" because the scope of this discussion is far beyond this single episode, and we will return to these subjects often.

As members of a multiracial, multinational friendship, we understand that conversations about racism, casteism, whiteness, and privilege can be difficult to start, even with the people you trust the most. BUT we think it's super important to broach these topics anyway - and Reni Eddo-Lodge, in her terrific book Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race that provided partial inspiration for this episode, agrees. 

Come learn with us! #NotAllPodcasts think we should clam up about subjects that challenge us 😜


Episode 1 - Your New Feminist Happy Place

Hellooo fam! 

We are SO excited to finally post the first full episode of the RJ Happy Hour for your listening pleasure on our brand spankin' new website! Or rather, our new-ish website that our webmaster (hi, Kristin here) finally decided to say 'let go and let goddess' about and release into the wild 😬

Many thanks to those who have already listened to the episode and commented on Facebook. We welcome everyone's feedback - the adoring, the meh, and the gnarly - on the socials or at hello@rjhappyhour.com. 

Psst: for more info and links to some of the awesome things we mention in this episode, check out the 'Happy Hour Specials' page on this website! 


Kristin & Surabhi


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